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Diamond Metal Pad
Diamond Metal Pad
Diamond Metal Pad
Product's Name :

Diamond Metal Pad

Model No. : S30300
Detail :
Polishing for concrete and stone
Deburring and surface polishing on fluent curved surfaces
Surface of stone requiring polishing depending on shape as it is easy detach and attach and also flexible
Characteristics and Advantages
Lasts longer than resin as matrix bond is metal
Heat-resisting property is excellent and machinability is higher resin pad
Size ranges from 3"(inch) to 7"(inch)
There are #30,60,150,200, and 300 depending on grain size
Company Name : YoungSunDiatech
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Business Type : Manufacturer
Product/Service : Diamond wire saw,Diamond metal pad,diamond profile wheel
Company Address : 651-5 Baran ro
Postal Code : 18624
Contact Person : Bongjinkim
Phone : 8231 3598336 82313598336
Fax : 8231 3598741 82313598741
WebSite : http://www.diamond114.com

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