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Diamond Mir wire saw
Diamond Mir wire saw
Diamond Mir wire saw
Diamond Mir wire saw
Product's Name :

Diamond Mir wire saw

Model No. : P1420
Detail :
 Precision cutting partial elimnation for concrete structure
 Dismantlement at hospitals, schools, public institutions, and housing complexes where  severe damage are expected from pollution
 Extension of repair/maintenance of a building at air ports, etc facility shutdown is not  allowed
 Dismantlement and repair/maintenance at deteriorated business building in operation  in concentrated shopping district
 Dismantlement of traffic facilities and downtown in a way to minimize the obstruction of traffic in vehicle traffic areas
 Characteristics and Advantages
 Is fixated solidly to wire as three-dimensional shaped beads are used
 Applicable for both dry and wet type
 Not stuck in reinforcing bar as the distance between beads is narrow and smooth cutting is possible
 Durability life is maintained 2~5 times more than drdinary wire saw
 Initial drive is smooth even when cutting angle is big
 No one-sided wear of slip phenomenon
Company Name : YoungSunDiatech
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