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good quality Marble Buffing Diamond Sponge Polishing Pads
good quality Marble Buffing Diamond Sponge Polishing Pads
good quality Marble Buffing Diamond Sponge Polishing Pads
good quality Marble Buffing Diamond Sponge Polishing Pads
Product's Name :

good quality Marble Buffing Diamond Sponge Polishing Pads

Model No. : ZL-15c
Detail :


1.Velcro back 
2.reasonable price 
3.stable performance 
4.Works great on stone & concrete floor 


1) High gloss finishes in very short time 
2) Never mark the stone and burns the surface of the stone
3) Bright clear light and never fade                                                     
4) Different granularities and sizes as requested                                      
5) Competitive price and superior quality                                                
6) Beautiful package and fast delivery                                                                            
7) Excellent service



Diamond Sponge pads are suitable for the cleaning of stone & concrete floor,with high work efficiency.It is ideal tool of stone cleaning,with soft work layer,The back velcro can directly adhibit opposite velcro.The specification can be orderd. 
Usually,Finish polishing floor after 3000# grinding,
People use the polishing powder on the floor,this method is not good and can make the polishing powder waste.
Our patented product is to replace polishing powder,and stick the powder to the spony material by glue.while polishing marble or granite floor,you can use our new products for final polish the floor after finish 3000# grinding directly.very easy ,great gloss!


Item No.



ZL good quality Marble Buffing Diamond Sponge Polishing Pads



Main Market:

USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Australia, UAE, South Africa etc.

Export Percentage: 100


Guides For Using:

1. Ware an apron, a gauze mask and safety glasses first. Connect a Back Holder to the Polisher or Angle Grinder, and attach a Wet Pad of grit 50 to the Back Holder. Set the speed at 3,000-4,000RPM and start polishing process.


2. Moving two passes across and one pass up and down is a good technique. Make sure all prior scratches are removed before moving onto the next grit.Repeat the same process using all 7 pads to complete the polishing process.Polish from grit 50 to grit 3000 respectively. Do not skip.


3. If you want to achieve the best polishing results on granite or other natural stones, use Buff Pad as the last step. Wet the workpiece and run the Buff Pad semi-wet with very low water. When the water is consumed, the process is complete. Repeat as necessary to improve the luster and achieve the mirror effect result.


4. Dry pads are designed for use on jobs without using water, but polishing with a small amount of water to wet the object surface will ultimately reach a better result.



Company Information:


Our company is a private-own high-tech enterprise, has the authority of import and export. Our products mainly include diamond polishing pads, cutting blades, drills, etc, mainly used for stone processing, some can be used for cutting, grinding and polishing of ceramics, glass and concrete. From its establishment, our company focuses on innovation of products. By far, we have gained 9 of invention patents, 2 of utility model patents, 17 of registration of design patents, 2 of them are PCT international patents. 

Company Name : ZL diamond technology Co., ltd
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