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Pitted Stone Stain Remover
Pitted Stone Stain Remover
Product's Name :

Pitted Stone Stain Remover

Model No. : 001
Detail :

Production Introduction

This product is an acid cleaner which has excellent oxidation susceptibility and is used in the normal temperature.It can filter into the stone aperture to clear away and counteract the rust, watermark, oil stain, metal oxide and other impurities. It has double functions of clearing away the oil stain on the surface and filtering into the inner layer of the stone to thoroughly get rid of the stubborn stains without leaving any color impurities or other side effects. It is especially suitable for the polished and flamed granite as well as brick, tile and plastic without damaging the surface of the granite, and thus realizes long-term protective action. It has effect to Camelia White and Giallo Fiorito California, never re-rusting again.
It applies to iron mottling and stain on acid-resistant natural granite,artifical stone,tile and plastic.It removes rust,stain and woil stain on the surface quickly and conveniently. Rust metallic compound inside the granite is substituted to realize long-term protection.
Paint or spray the product directly on the surface with rust or stain and wash it with water after 5 minutes.Deep clear for granite:Lay clean whit cloth or cotton on the stain and pour rust remover for penetrating for a few minutes.It achieves better effect if repeat the procedure.

Using Method

Wear gloves when using it;
Keep it away from children to avoid eating by mistake;
It's forbidden to use the product for the surface of marble to avoid damaging the glossiness of the surface.

Company Name : Wuhan Keda Marble Protective Materials Co,.Ltd
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