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Stone Surface Glue KD-020
Stone Surface Glue KD-020
Product's Name :

Stone Surface Glue KD-020

Model No. : KD-020
Detail :


It is a 2-component liquid adhesive free of solvent. It's composed of modified polyamine solidification agent and epoxy resin,mainly used to fill up and seal cracks and pores.It has following properties:
Short curing time and strong adhesion
Transparent, shiny, suitable for light-color stones
Free of solvents, little harm to the environment
Weather resistant and non-yellowing,abrasion resistant,water oil and chemical repellent,suitable for outdoor use
Electric insulation and thermal stability
Improve the quality of stone surface and increase its productivity
Used for laminating(sandwiching)
Excellent in grinding and polishing
Uneasy to crystallize, therefore, it's easy to store and use


This product is mainly used to strengthen stone plates and concrete with cracks, pores, sand holes, hair lines, and scraggly surface to improve its quality. It also can be used for reinforcing brittle stone with glass fiber and for sticking other materials, such as hard PVC, polystyrene, polyurethane, metals, paper, and wood and so on. It can also be applied to mechanical engineering and molding work and used to cast and seal the electronic components in electric industry. It is not suitable to stick polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon materials.

Using methods:

First roughen the surface and remove the oil stain, ash and other contaminating substance of the surface. Keep the stone surface clean and dry;
Preheating the stone surface can improve permeability and speed up solidification time,it also can improve mechnical property;
Mix the two parts of component A and one part of component B proportionately (by weight). If necessary, add 5% of Keda coloring paste of the total amount;
The mixture remains workable for approximately 20-30 minutes(20℃). For large cracks or absorbent surface, spread by wool brush repeatedly. For some micro cracks, spread the surface back and forth until it can penetrate into the stone;
The stone surface can be polished 24 hours after treated at the room temperature. If the natural stone surface is preheated at 60℃, next procedure can be processed after 3 hours;
Tools can be cleansed by KEDA diluting agent or cleaning agent;
Warmth accelerates the solidification process and cold delays it;
The packing must be cleaned up before disposal.


Wear gloves in operation;
The surface should be cleaned before operation. Smooth surface should be abraded to ensure the binding strength before operation;
The product should be put into use immediately after mixed. Use different tools to weigh Component A and Component B respectively. Cover the lid immediately after using;
Don't use the adhesive if it has become thick or condensed;
The proper mixing ratio must be guaranteed for good mechanical and chemical performance; otherwise, the product can not achieve expected performance;
The product solidifies slowly below 10℃. If necessary, increase the temperature carefully;
Add 3% xylene or acetone if found with excessive viscosity. Or preheat the slabs and heat adhesive in water at 40-80℃ can enhance its penetrability and lower viscosity;
Clean the excessive adhesive in joint place by alcohol or acetone before solidified;
The disposed stones should be placed horizontally until solidified. Add talcum powder on the slab will avoid sticking to other stone;
The solidified product is harmless to human;
The solidified surface can't be dissolved unless by high temperature and mechanical force;
The surface color will be deepened at some extent to different stones;
The working place should be well ventilated and far from fire. Keep children far away from it and do not put it into mouth。

Technical Parameter:

Color: Component A is colorless and transparent; Component B is colorless or yellowish transparent
Working time (20℃):20-30minutes (50g sample products mix up proportionately)
Full solidification time(25℃): 1-3 days

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