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Elegant stone pictorial design and printing
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Elegant stone pictorial design and printing

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Company name: xiamen art and printing Co., LTD

The company's main: exquisite album, DM flyer, handbag, color box, desk calendar, calendar, stickers and other paper products printing and design......

The company equipment: the company now has a new four color outside Heidelberg (CD102) printing machine with two; Brand-new Heidelberg four open four-color printing (SM74) a; Brand-new Heidelberg six open four-color printing (GTO52) a; Martini automatic linkage installed plastic a; Martini automatic linkage nail riding a machine; Automatic folding machine three Taiwan; Full open cutting machine three Taiwan; Automatic three linesman cutting machine a; Automatic pasting box machines a; Laminating machine a; Hot stamping machine a; Snuff machine a and a series of print after China and India before printing printing special equipment.

Corporate customers: DuoNian company to adhering to the ?

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