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To Sell Stone Structure Glue KD-189
To Sell Stone Structure Glue KD-189
To Sell Stone Structure Glue KD-189
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To Sell Stone Structure Glue KD-189

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Detail :


It is a mushy 2-component adhesive free of solvent.It has following properties:
Fast curing time
Good adhesion
Low shrinkage and internal stress
No air bubble after solification
Used for laminating(sandwiching)
The thermal-expansion coefficient is nearly consistent with the stone material
Moderate viscosity
Easy using
Easy brushing, wearable and enduring, aging-resistant and excellent resistance to cold-heat cycle
Good weather-resistant
Free of solvent, suitable for bonding sticking airtight materials
Good adhension on damp stone
Suitable for dissolved material adhesion (for example expanded polystyrene, ABS
Uneasy to crystallize, therefore, it's easy to store and use


This product is mainly used in the stone material processing fields for bonding natural stone (granite, marble), artificial stone , construction (concrete,etc.) and the steel etc. for example: bonding marble - marble, marble - granite, marble - ceramics, stone material - cement, stone material - aluminum models board, stone material - aluminum honeycomb; so as smooth surface; also can be used for fastening parapets and overlaying adhesion; while materials such as polythene, polypropylene, silicone and butyl rubber can not be bonded with it.

Using methods:

Abrade the parts to be bonded, remove foreign matters such as the dust and oil spots from the surface, and dry the surface completely;
Mix the adhesive in the proportion of A: B=5: 1(by weight) and put it on the slabs;
Spread the adhesive in the joint part of the stones back and forth with scraper to eliminate air between plates and fill them completely.Clean the extra adhesive;
Overlap two stones for 2-4 hours at the normal temperature,the next process would be made after 24 hours.In winter,next process would be made if heat the solidified stone at the temperature of 50℃-60℃ for 1-2 hours;
The recommend dosage is 400-600g per square meter. Single or double spreading may be adopted for compound;
As for stones with different colors, add KEDA color paste to match the color according to various colors of stones. The amount of color paste shall not exceed 5%;


Wear gloves in operation;
The surface of the stone must be flattened to avoid upswelling, and can also improve adhesive intensity to reduce its consumption. The pressure shall distribute proportionately and the pressure must exceed 100N m2;
The adhesive must be mixed accurately and proportionately to avoid affecting the adhesive intensity;
In order to ensure compound quality, there must be some adhesive flowing out when imposing pressure;
The plate can't be moved before the adhesive is solidified completely;
The working temperature shall not be below 5℃. Properly heating in winter can increase the temperature on stone plate surface and solidification temperature;
The adhesive shall not be prepared in excessive amount, and the operation shall be finished in the working hour; the higher is the temperature or the more amount of adhesive, the shorter period can it be applied for.And vise versa;
Please stop using the adhesive if found with excessive viscosity or gelling;
Add 3% ether, xylene or acetone if found with excessive viscosity. Or preheat the slabs and heat adhesive in water at 40-80℃ can enhance its penetrability and lower its viscosity;
In case of lamination, mix A and B proportionately;It will not affects its quality;
Using alcohol or acetone to clean the adhesive at the boundary of the joint places;
The product should be put into use immediately after mixed. Use different tools to weigh Component A and Component B respectively. Cover the lid immediately after using;
Adhesive mix tools can be cleaned with KEDA dilut agent;
Some kinds of skin are sensitive to the product. Please adopt necessary protection when using it.

Technical Parameter:

Color: Component A is gray; Component B is yellowish
Working time (20℃):40-90minutes (50g sample products mix up proportionately)
Full solidification time(25℃): 1-3 days

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