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To Sell stone arts(picture)
To Sell stone arts(picture)
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To Sell stone arts(picture)

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Natural stone arts

Dabashan  Chrysanthemum   fossil  handcrafts

The strange stone from  thousands years ago  are blossoming!

Chrysanthemum   fossil was made in the permian department  lime rock 200,000,000 years ago,  and it is also a kind of  fossil specimen of preliminary algae animal in ancient times. Its shape is as same as the Chrysanthemum nowadays.so we call it Chrysanthemum   fossil,its Appearance proves the strange biological mapping that the scientists in the world have been searching.In the mid of 90 years,many scientists were looking for butterflys in the world which gets one of the 26  English  letters on its body crazyly.and named it biological mapping. Chrysanthemum   fossil shows the  strange  view, beauty in the world and  wonder nature which the nature maps the chrysanthemum the algae animal once again.

Daguicheng company depends on its natural Chrysanthemum   fossil  resources and its exquisite craft ,to produce tea tray, ash-tray, trough chrysanthemum, vase, Chinese zodiac, inkslab, pen container, seal, pen rack,paper pressing stone etc.All kinds of Chrysanthemum stone are  talent charm. .Chrysanthemum   fossil is natural and wonderful,

 To manage Chrysanthemum   fossil is the wise move of Artistic culture and advancing together with individual enterprise!

We may produce the handcrafts according to the user’s requires

Company Name : Qingdao Daguicheng arts co.,limited
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