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Ceramiche Refin Presents Orobica

( Date: 2023/5/23 10:19:29 )

Ceramiche Refin Presents Orobica

Ceramiche Refin reinterprets the renowned stone quarried in Gré on the slopes of Mount Clemo on the north-western shore of Lake Iseo, which is particularly prized for its characteristic presence of irregularly distributed stones – called clasts – of different sizes.

Orobica, Ceramiche Refin’s latest collection, replicates the dynamic look of the stone, emphasised here by a marked alternation of elements, some of considerable size, in a surface rich in inclusions. A surface made even more varied and dynamic by the skillful integration of pebbles in warmer shades.

Perfect for cladding interior volumes and for ventilated façades, the range is also particularly well suited for public, retail and hotel and restaurant projects, even with high traffic. Orobica is also a highly modern choice for residential settings, for a refined, seamless finish between interiors and exteriors. 

Its palette includes four timeless, versatile colors, suitable for the most diverse uses: from the neutral white, a shade designed and developed precisely to offer architectural solutions, to the soft beige, designed to limit unpleasant tendencies towards yellow, from gray, more akin to the natural material, with areas of warmer nuances, to the dark but luminous Anthracite. 

Available with a matte finish, ideal for commercial or hybrid spaces, the dimensions are those that best suit a variety of design requirements (120X120 cm, 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm). A selection made even more versatile by the inclusion of the OUT 2.0 version, suitable for outdoor use and available in gray and beige in the 60×60 cm format.

Like all Refin porcelain stoneware, the Orobica collection is resistant and long-lasting, hygienic, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and easy to clean. In addition to being fireproof, safe and eco-friendly because the tiles are made from natural raw materials, they are 100% recyclable.

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