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Marazzi Opens New Flagship Showroom in Madrid

( Date: 2023/3/14 10:16:03 )

Marazzi Opens New Flagship Showroom in Madrid

MADRID, SPAIN – Marazzi, an international leader in the manufacturing of ceramics and stoneware, founded in Sassuolo, Italy in 1935 and present in Spain with production plants at Castellón de la Plana since the early 1980s, opens the doors of its first flagship showroom in Madrid. The project is the work of ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, who redesigned the 300-square-meter space overlooking the very central Calle Serrano and Calle Juan Bravo, in the heart of the Spanish capital, to accommodate the infinite Marazzi collection of ceramic surfaces.

The showroom greets visitors in a hospitable interior, The Welcoming Room, designed in accordance with the Live-In Kitchen concept, in which the compositional versatility of large stoneware slabs and the vibrant gleam of the Crogiolo small-sized collections dialogue to connect areas and functions around the kitchen.

“In this project, the dialogue between spaces is reinforced with the aid of materials and objects that reference craftsmanship and convey a positive mood,” said architect Patricia Viel. “Ceramics are wonderful because they are so versatile: one of the most ancient and definitely one of the most eclectic materials, they can be both high-tech, in their adaptability and potential for future research and development and low-tech, in their authentic beauty. So they are ideally placed to adapt and respond to new demands.”

A succession of themed rooms emphasizes the exquisite beauty of the materials: from the large slabs hung like rich Persian carpets to the museum-like shelves, which exhibit smaller sized tiles that exemplify an endless collection of finishes, structures, surfaces and colors -- each presented as a unique, unrepeatable object of great value.

“There's a kind of magic in Marazzi's product design and development,” explained Viel. “Technology and creativity transform a generic and inert raw material into surfaces that evoke ancient workmanship, precious marbles, inlays, mosaic art and three-dimensional structures.

To evoke this alchemy, the showroom project becomes a collector’s library, a Wunderkammer of colors and materials, a rug souk and a maze of rooms that form a constant visual sequence, yet are each different and surprising.”

“Our intention is to ensure that the Marazzi showroom in Madrid provides professionals and customers with a welcoming yet unusual, intriguing location, where they can explore the very latest applications of design and technology development in ceramic coverings, for which Marazzi is famed worldwide.” said Marazzi Group CEO Mauro Vandini. “Spain is Marazzi’s second home, and we already have two state-of-the art factories here, producing some of our most exclusive product collections, such as the antibacterial floor coverings and the large-sized decorated wall tiles.”

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