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New Betilo Tile from Arcana Tiles

( Date: 2023/3/10 10:22:34 )

New Betilo Tile from Arcana Tiles

Betilo (Baethyl): countless and varied "lightning stones", many cultures worship one in particular as their own. Most of them are remains of meteorites that are supposedly endowed with magical powers. Arcana's Betilo is a porcelain stone with a silky touch, rich contrasts and discreet incisions combined with the graphic to provide a sense of authenticity. Technical developments have allowed a more faithful reproduction in its four colors: sand, taupe, gray and dark. It is distributed in 120x120, 60x120 and 80x80 cm sizes. All of them rectified. The 30x30 cm Betilo Mosaic and the ónfalo Mosaic available in all colors, together with special pieces such as Skirting tiles and Step tread, widen the decorative possibilities. Betilo is a sober and elegant stone full of nuances, designed for timeless spaces with a powerful and everlasting personality.  



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