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Introducing NEW IceStone

( Date: 2019/11/13 10:24:36 )

Introducing NEW IceStone


Made from 100% post-industrial recycled glass, cement, and non-toxic pigments, IceStone is the MOST sustainable, responsibly made, eco-friendly countertop on the market. In October 2019, IceStone launched NEW IceStone. NEW IceStone has been reformulated, incorporating a permanent protective treatment giving NEW IceStone superior stain resistance, increased heat resistance, UV stability, the ability to be used for outdoor applications, and increased recycled content. Manufactured in Brooklyn, NY, NEW IceStone is Cradle to Cradle certified, contributes to LEED points, NSF certified, and is a founding B Corp Member.

From: www.stoneworld.com

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