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Prussiani introduces the new Platino Shuttle

( Date: 2019/6/4 17:35:41 )

Prussiani introduces the new Platino Shuttle


Prussiani introduces the new Platino Shuttle -— a revolutionary high-production CNC work center with a double table, optimized to eliminate all downtimes for table setup, programming and unloading. It is a continuous improvement of the CNC technology Prussiani has introduced since 1991 in the stone industry, updated to meet the actual needs of every stone fabricator, according to the manufacturer. Today’s countertop market asks more and more for straight, beveled and eased edges; intricate edge profiles are no longer a big trend. This is forcing fabricators to have quicker (and cheaper) manufacturing processes, and the most expensive portion of contouring is usually taken by time and manpower in setup suction cups and pieces onto the CNC machines tables, programming time and unloading pieces once done. All those time costs, because the machine’s spindles are off and are not producing. For this reason, many fabricators moved back to hand polishing of sinks and edges recently, but still this is not a cost efficient solution in the long term. Platino Shuttle might be the answer.

Key features of this unique design are:

Two large tables with automatic rotation 180° in 25 seconds, firmly driven by hydraulic cylinder and supported by a heavy slewing bearing ring and pneumatic stops and zeroing
Belt-driven high-torque mechanical spindle, max speed with lower maintenance
Gantry bridge movement system for a perfect alignment all the time
Ball screws for all axis movements, for the maximum precision and stability
Work face-up: Automatic Slab Thickness (AST) electronic probe for the maximum precision and to compensate the irregularities in a dynamic way
34 tool stations in the magazine
Possibility to stack two profiling wheels on one cone
Quick-zero clamping system to hold the pieces, in addition to the vacuum suction pods
Monoblock frame, does not require any foundations
Easy to program and operate: It can be programmed remotely, in advance or at the machine control in a few minutes while the machine is cutting
Three years total warranty
One machine, with one operator and compact footprint, with the productivity of two machines (with two operators). The operator can setup the table and the program, and unload finished countertops, on the outside table while the machine is processing automatically another job on the other table.

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