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Blade5 by Omag S.p.A

( Date: 2017-12-5 17:06:16 )

Blade5 by Omag S.p.A


Omag S.p.A introduces the Blade5ar, which is its latest in its range of CNC work centers, as well as the latest in countertop, architectural and dimensional stone processing machinery. The Blade5ar is particularly useful for deep cutting, milling, shaping and polishing of countertops, large dimensional pieces and architectural stone.


The machine, along with Omag’s wide range of shaping and routing machines, can be featured with:


Single or dual table configurations
Lathe attachment option
Tables in movement
Automatic blade change
Automatic tool change (tool changers of many different sizes)
Optimization of cutting
Combination of cutting and drilling on the corner
Automatic vacuum manipulator system
Ability to work with material in small- to large-size ranges

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